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This is the intro questionnaire I've got on my own communities, so thought I'd use it here.

1. What religion or spiritual tradition do you follow? Lycian Wicca

2. Geographic location (not "earth/the universe"): San Antonio TX

3. Coven or solitary? Clergy? We recently dissolved our coven, but will be creating a new one in the next few months. I am an initiated 3rd Degree in my Trad, but have not yet gained clergy status.

4. Public or in the broom closet? So public, I gotta wear shades. :) OK, fine, that made no sense, but the stupid song is in my head. I've been public since 1988.

5. Are you active in your local pagan community? In what capacity? Organizer of 3 local Meetups (Witches, Wiccan and Pagan Parents), plus webmistress of the San Antonio Pagans web portal.

6. Personal web site (if you've got one):

7. Anything else you'd like us to know about you: Married 15 years, parent of 2 daughters (adult and teen). If you notice the ghost in my icon, it's because I live in a haunted house.

Date: 2009-05-15 08:58 pm (UTC)
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1. Eco-pagan
2. UK
3. Just joined a local moot.
4. Well-known as a tree-hugger.
5. See 3.
6. No
7. I'm vegan.


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