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Name:Group Paganism
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Community description:Non-Solitary Pagans of all types
This is for discussions of non-solitary Paganism: covens, groves, hearths, working circles, or other groups that meet to practice Pagan religions.

It's open to all, solitary or group, Pagan or not, but the discussions will focus on group activities and approaches to Paganism.

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asatru, celtic reconstructionism, circles, cults, dianics, druidry, druids, groves, hearths, heathens, hellenics, hellenismos, henotheism, initiations, kemeticism, kemetics, kindreds, paganism, pagans, pantheism, perfect love, perfect trust, polytheism, reclaiming, wheel of the year, wicca, wiccans, witchcraft, witchcraft religions, witches
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